Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding dress shopping...WHAT?

Yes, went wedding dress shopping with my friend K on Friday night. She is getting married this fall and really had no idea what type of dress to look for. I forgot the challenges of dress shopping, pushy sales clerks, impossible zippers and buttons and the OH so frustrating challenge of finding the perfect dress. I encouraged her to try on some A-lines (like all of us, she was worried about too much bulk in the booty region) and after a few dead ends, we found a lovely strapless, A-line with a beautiful peridot sash that looks just gorgeous on her.

SOOOO much fun and it brought back so many good memories of dress shopping for my perfect dress all those years ago. Those young days of being engaged and anticipating the happily ever after with the perfect little family seem so far away, like a teenage girls whistful dreams of forever. Amazing how quickly those sweet times of our younger years fade into the background when enduring trials and tough times.It was so nice to be reminded of those blissfully happy days before infertility and all of the storms of life came crashing down. I can't say that I'm grateful for the incredibly painful journey to become parents, but I can't believe what a different (and better) person I am today because of it. Amazing how being denied the most basic thing in life (i.e., getting pregnant and becoming a mom) can absolutely change your perspective on life.

I definitely alarmed quite a few sales people when they saw my pregnant tummy. Had to quickly assure them that (as of yet) I'm not part of the bridal party! Whew did they look relieved. I'm not even sure if they have maternity bridesmaid dresses anyway! :-) I'm so thrilled we're having a girl. How fun to someday be a mother-of the bride and go dress shopping with my daughter! And NO, I'm definitely not going to be one of those crazy moms who starts planning her daughters wedding in elementary school!


  1. How fun! I'd like to be a fly on the wall to see their faces when you turned around with your pg belly! hehe.

  2. So true! I feel (hope?) that my journey of infertility and loss is making me a different (better?) person as well. I didn't know you pre-IF, but I like who you are now. :) Take care!


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