Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting Creative!

I needed to do something affordable and cute for a mom of 5 and her twin girls shower on Saturday and decided to make a diaper cake! Got directions online and spent a grand total of $18.95. I only used about a pack and half of diapers, so maybe next time I'll try a 4 tier cake! The picture I took is kind of crooked, but oh well!

It was really fun to see the hoopla it created and the mom-to be said it was so pretty that they might use it as a centerpiece!
And, in the creative theme of things, earlier this spring I got the stuff to make jewelry after a lunch-time saunter through the local beadshop with girls from work. Did some diving in their bargain bin and found some great items. What fun! I love doing creative stuff but just never seem to get the time or motivation to get started. Now with the recession hitting our pocketbook, I'm forcing myself to come up with creative and inexpensive ideas for gifts.

My sister loved this necklace I made for her birthday and said it's one of the best things she's ever received!
Grand total spent: $3.95 at Walmart for the jewelry wire and of course postage to Seattle. Excited to try a few more projects for upcoming birthdays and showers.


  1. What a cute diaper cake, Good job. I love those.
    The necklace you made is really pretty too. Your so artistic.

  2. Wow, you're pretty crafty. What awesome gifts!


    That diaper cake is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!


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