Thursday, August 20, 2009

They said WHAT???

Crazy comments week (remix).

#6. Wow, everyone must be overdosing on eggnog because of all these summer/fall babies being born. Yeah, I wish!

#5. You’ll really miss being pregnant (yeah, the nonstop barfing, nausea, heartburn and horrid sciatica that has been plaguing me from the start ++++ all the IVF treatments just to get to the point of being pregnant?) I’m really gonna miss all that!!! Add in the HOT Arizona summer and it sounds like a wonderful time!

#4. You’ll probably still have sciatica and food problems after the kid is born (thanks a lot for the encouragement folks).

#3. From a fussy pants single person who has no children “All kids stuff is always recalled so you need to research EVERYTHING to make sure that it’s safe” and you should take everything to the fire station so they can show you how to use it! (carseat, stroller, etc.) OH MY GOSH—with what time, people?

#2. (Nurse conducting the hospital tour) “We just put the stirrups up, you push and out pops the baby” (thankfully she was just kidding, but some of the 1st timers probably thought she was serious).

#1. AND my all time favorite: “People stupider than you have had children”

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

33 weeks and counting!

I really thought that this insanely HOT summer would drag on forever, but thankfully time keeps marching forward quickly. Everything looks great so far (even though I feel like I’m just packing on the pounds)!! Doc assures me that much of this is baby weight. Baby Straubles weighs in at over 4lbs and is approximately 18 inches long. She gets the hiccups at least several times a day which is hilarious because after a few minutes of hiccuping she starts kicking and punching. Mom said I used to do the same thing as a baby so we’re expecting an avid hiccuper!

Curiosity about what she actually looks like is just overwhelming. Hubby thinks she will be a blond, but dark hair is the dominant gene, so I guess we’ll just keep making bets until she arrives. It will be interesting to see what she looks like since hubby is adopted and we have no clue as to his family genes (other than both biological parents were 100% Italian). We probably shouldn't even joke about it, but what would happen if the lab accidentally mixed up embryos from our IVF cycle??! I guess everyone probably considers the precise science behind fertility treatments, but it’d be quite a shocker to end up with a baby that looks nothing like either parent! I guess we could just be hyper paranoid or perhaps this question is pretty typical for most fertility patients?

Sleep still is problematic. But, I’ve been taking two Benadryl at night and sleeping on my left side with this wedge pillow placed under my stomach. It seems to be helping because now I'm only waking up once or twice a night vs. the horrid 5-6 times a night prior to trying the new pillow and Benadryl routine. I don't think the kiddo appreciates the pillow crunching into her space. She kicks and punches against it, so I guess things must be getting pretty crowded in there!! I really don't appreciate her little feet jammed under my ribs, but at least she's growing and healthy---which is all that matters! My poor ribs will have time to recupperate from the beating they are taking later;-)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ack! My achy back and sleep issues!

Does anyone have suggestions for good body pillows or other remedies? I've been having such a hard time sleeping (waking up 4-5 times a night) and hubby so kindly suggested that since I've gained weight with the pregnancy (I just hit 32 weeks or the official 8 month mark this week) I should think about getting a body pillow. This one from Target has decent reviews, but I just wondered if any of you all had some recommendations! I've just been using regular pillows, but maybe it's time for a seriously pimped out pillow! :-)