Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bah...Summer is here

Ah. Summer in the blazing hot desert. It's supposed to hit 116 this weekend. Most of us who have lived in Arizona for a few years get used to the heat advisories and claim it's a "dry heat". You know, open the oven and BAKE like a cookie! We've even fried eggs on the sidewalk and someone was in the news last year because they made a batch of fresh baked cookies on their dashboard!
Let me tell ya-- 3rd trimester in ANY kind of heat is unpleasant! When we first started IVF and looked at projected due dates we really thought our 50% success rate made it highly likely that we'd end up going through a 2nd cycle later in the spring. Which would push the due dates back and therefore I'd miss the 3rd trimester blazing Arizona SUMMER heat. But even though I have to wear pot holders to drive my car and drink gallons of water a day--I'm so thankful our little girl is healthy and active. I think she likes the pool. Her most active times are when I'm splashing in the pool and while we're sitting in church (she kicked me so hard last week that my entire leg twitched and I kicked the seat in front of me!).

Had my glucose (YUCK!!!) test last week and hopefully I passed--no news is good news, but with the holiday weekend they might be running a few days behind schedule with test results. Somehow I misplaced the directions and drank a bit of water with a light protein breakfast (which my dr. said would be fine because of my persistant all day vomiting). The grumpy nurse acted like a water nazi when I walked in with my water bottle--apparantly a few sips can throw the test off. Man, I hope to avoid the unpleasant 3 hr fasting glucose test! And now I get to see the doc. every 2 weeks. Which is great but I so dread climbing on that scale! My drs. office has the scale located in the busy hallway so everyone walking by can see and hear the upward climbing results AND sometimes they start stacking patients behind each other when things get busy. Good grief...thanks for announcing my weight and blood pressure to the whole dang world!
It'll be so worth it, but I gained 5 lbs over the past month (before I hit the rapidly expanding 3rd trimester!!) and I was really hoping to keep the weight gain down. Doc assures me that much of my excess gain is water weight, but the whole "shrinking pants" from IVF treatments, plus 9 months of pregnancy is making the sciata even more fun! Sigh, let the good times keep on rolling!


  1. Oh my goodness, I thought I was miserable in 90 degree heat. I couldn't imagine living in Arizona and being pregnant. How many weeks are you now? Well, don't be too concerned about the 5 lbs in a month, at least you didn't gain 12 like I did. ;) Keep you and baby well hydrated in that awful awful heat.

  2. Wow, Its super hot there. Worse than it is here in Oklahoma and I've been complaining about 100 degrees. Keep drinking that water.
    I'm glad to hear all is good with the baby. I'm sure some of that is water weight like they said. Good grief it is 116 there, that's just crazy.

  3. I feel your pain in Southern Arizona (and I'm not even pregnant)! Do you get any relief from the monsoons? I try to convince myself that the heat is worth it if I can get a good lightening/thunderstorm and rain downpour out of it! Take care!

  4. So sorry about the heat. The Mr. and I spent a long weekend in AZ a couple of Julys ago, and at one point we were walking around Tempe and I started to cry from being so hot. I can't even imagine how you're coping with a baby bump.

  5. YUCK! We are having weather in the low one hundreds here and it is AWFUL!!!

    Try to stay cool mama!

  6. I so remember AZ heat! Now in Cairo its not much better! Hang in there, its a dry heat as you know LOL!


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