Thursday, August 20, 2009

They said WHAT???

Crazy comments week (remix).

#6. Wow, everyone must be overdosing on eggnog because of all these summer/fall babies being born. Yeah, I wish!

#5. You’ll really miss being pregnant (yeah, the nonstop barfing, nausea, heartburn and horrid sciatica that has been plaguing me from the start ++++ all the IVF treatments just to get to the point of being pregnant?) I’m really gonna miss all that!!! Add in the HOT Arizona summer and it sounds like a wonderful time!

#4. You’ll probably still have sciatica and food problems after the kid is born (thanks a lot for the encouragement folks).

#3. From a fussy pants single person who has no children “All kids stuff is always recalled so you need to research EVERYTHING to make sure that it’s safe” and you should take everything to the fire station so they can show you how to use it! (carseat, stroller, etc.) OH MY GOSH—with what time, people?

#2. (Nurse conducting the hospital tour) “We just put the stirrups up, you push and out pops the baby” (thankfully she was just kidding, but some of the 1st timers probably thought she was serious).

#1. AND my all time favorite: “People stupider than you have had children”


  1. I love #6. On a related note, last night in yoga the instructor made some comment about "having to do the same things to get the baby out as to get the baby in" and I'm thinking -- oh, another needle through the va-jay-jay and a tube through my cervix? Sounds GREAT!!!

    Hope you're hanging in there with the summer heat.

  2. Glad to hear you're getting lots of encouragement and great advice from those around you :)

    I hope some day I can get these kind of comments right now its mostly........oh, just relax it will happen.

  3. I think about the #1 comment all of the time....especially when I start to freak out about how I'm going to be a parent and responsible for some little people. It's scary!!! ...but then I remember that there are other people out there who do it, too. and then I try to find a reality TV show to prove it. Last week my Tivo recorded MTV's True Life: I'm pregnant with Twins....(thanks Tivo). If they can do it?? So can all of us. Seriously!! :)

    almost there. can you even believe it???

  4. another needle through the va-jay-jay and a tube through my cervix? Sounds GREAT!!

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