Wednesday, August 12, 2009

33 weeks and counting!

I really thought that this insanely HOT summer would drag on forever, but thankfully time keeps marching forward quickly. Everything looks great so far (even though I feel like I’m just packing on the pounds)!! Doc assures me that much of this is baby weight. Baby Straubles weighs in at over 4lbs and is approximately 18 inches long. She gets the hiccups at least several times a day which is hilarious because after a few minutes of hiccuping she starts kicking and punching. Mom said I used to do the same thing as a baby so we’re expecting an avid hiccuper!

Curiosity about what she actually looks like is just overwhelming. Hubby thinks she will be a blond, but dark hair is the dominant gene, so I guess we’ll just keep making bets until she arrives. It will be interesting to see what she looks like since hubby is adopted and we have no clue as to his family genes (other than both biological parents were 100% Italian). We probably shouldn't even joke about it, but what would happen if the lab accidentally mixed up embryos from our IVF cycle??! I guess everyone probably considers the precise science behind fertility treatments, but it’d be quite a shocker to end up with a baby that looks nothing like either parent! I guess we could just be hyper paranoid or perhaps this question is pretty typical for most fertility patients?

Sleep still is problematic. But, I’ve been taking two Benadryl at night and sleeping on my left side with this wedge pillow placed under my stomach. It seems to be helping because now I'm only waking up once or twice a night vs. the horrid 5-6 times a night prior to trying the new pillow and Benadryl routine. I don't think the kiddo appreciates the pillow crunching into her space. She kicks and punches against it, so I guess things must be getting pretty crowded in there!! I really don't appreciate her little feet jammed under my ribs, but at least she's growing and healthy---which is all that matters! My poor ribs will have time to recupperate from the beating they are taking later;-)


  1. Good luck! It will all be worth it!

  2. My hubby and I always "joke" about the mix up too;) Glad you are sleeping bettter!!

  3. I can't imagine being prego in the AZ heat!!! What a woman! Glad you're sleeping better.

  4. :) i think about the lab mix up a lot, but have not mentioned it to B yet. i think that he's got a lot on his plate and this might push him over the edge :) lol.

    i go back and forth about positioning of the babies. mine are both breech right now, so when they start kicking, they are kicking my cervix and bladder...and while it doesn't feel good....i wonder if it's better than kicking my ribs and stuff :) hmmmm.....

    you're SO close!!!

  5. We too have joked about the wrong embryos being transferred. Here in Cairo they are extremely, extra extra careful though so its cool. Glad you are well and sleeping better. Some respite from AZ heat is coming, another two months or more huh? xoxoxoxo

  6. How cute about the hiccupping!! I'm happy your sleeping better!


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