Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fedex, follicles & jury duty???

Fed-ex drama galore yesterday because they didn't deliver my Saturday shipment. After frantic calls to and from the pharmacy over the weekend and most of yesterday morning spent on the phone, pharmacy girl 1 informs me that there's a 24 hour delay on my shipment because I changed the delivery address. Gee, thanks for telling me about the delay earlier! I tell her this is unacceptable. I needed the shot 12 hours ago and absolutely MUST have the injection before 12pm. She needs to talk to her supervisor and will call me back. Meanwhile another pharm girl (same company) calls me saying Fed-ex shipment can be picked up at the airport AFTER 5pm. Again. Not happening---I explain everything all over again. She needs to talk to her supervisor. Pharm Girl 1 calls me back and says we have the Fed-ex guy on the other line, he thinks he can deliver by 11am. pharm girl1 and crew convinced Fed-ex to flag my package as a medical emergency delivery and it was put on a truck for urgent delivery (no duh!!!) and she rattles off a street address which is 2-3 miles up the street---my office is the last stop on his morning run. She is literally stalking the Fed-ex man. I am ready to jump in the car and start driving the streets of downtown Phoenix looking for him...

I needed the injection 12 hours ago I tell her, but if I get the shot by noon it shouldn't mess up this cycle. However, we can't trust Fed-ex to deliver so you'd better give me a Plan B!!!! She calls my nurse and asks if this is qualifies as a medical emergency (ARE YOU KIDDING ME) and that she needs a supervisor and a credit card to to provide me with the meds. My nurse tells her to GET me the meds or we're going to lose a $25K cycle because of a $500 Gonal-F pen. Pharm girl1 calls in the prescription to a local pharmacy and instructs me to call her at 11:10 am if Fed-ex hasn't arrived and she'll pay for my prescription while I jump in the car and drive like a madwoman to the pharmacy 30 miles away! Meanwhile, hubby is panicking and texting me every 30 seconds to see if the package has arrived. 11:10...nothing.11:12...nothing.11:13..nothing-----I start frantically dialing pharm girl1 at 12:14 and literally in mid-dial our receptionist buzzes me saying that Fed-ex arrived. WHEWWWWWWWWWW. Literally, my knees shaking, dizzy and lightheaded I run to the ladies room with the precious Gonal-F in hand. Good grief. What did I do to deserve this level of STRESS!!!!!!

On to good news, the follies are ready so I'm scheduled for egg retrieval first thing Thursday morning. BTW---Has your dr. ever asked you if you talk to your ovaries? I was shocked when he asked me if I'd been "talking to my ovaries". I'm not really sure what to say to them, but it's helpful to know that they might respond or even listen to my coaxings! :-) I'm thrilled to have a shot free day tomorrow!!! YAY, Yay and yay!!!!
Ah yes, and that blasted jury duty. Somehow I'm still in the jury pool. Need to call in at 11am to see if I'm needed. Right. I'll do that right after my pre-op @ 10am. They couldn't just dismiss me, eh? Wowsers. Seriously, am I nuts? It sure seems like lots of insanity---none of which I can do anything about.


  1. My heart was so pounding as I was reading about your adventure, so to speak, with the Fed Ex shipment. Wow! ~and Whew! Okay, I'll try to catch my breath now. (lol)
    Glad that you got it in time. I would have wanted to strangle the pharmacy girls, especially the one that asked if this was a medical emergency. YIKES! It is hard what I would have said to her, especially under your circumstances.
    Keep us posted on what your doctor tells you Thursday. :) We will be praying for you and your hubby. Sorry about jury duty, and no you are not nuts, it just others around you that are. :) (lol)
    Best wishes for Thursday!
    Many hugs and blessings,
    Stacey :)

  2. I was on pins and needles while I was reading this post!!! I am so happy you finally got the pen!

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Talking to your ovaries huh? Maybe I'll try that next time!!

    ((HUGS)) Can't wait to hear how many eggs were retrieved and the fert report!

  3. Oh I am so glad you got your shots. Good Luck with the retrieval!

  4. That what certainly a mini drama with Fed Ex. Why I didn't even know that one could get FEdEx guys on the phone??

    You certainly had your ER by now? Tell us about it!!!!


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