Friday, January 30, 2009

Did the dryer shrink my pants?

Or is it 3 months of fertility drugs going straight to the blasted hips? Or perhaps it's the little embryo(s). I have no idea, but definitely wasn't prepared to have my pants shrinking this quickly!!!!!! It just can't be the mass quantities of saltines, gingersnaps and 7-up I've been consumming lately!! I guess we'll find out how things are progressing @ Monday's ultrasound appointment. It's strange to not be at the drs. office every other day...somehow it was comforting knowing how things were progressing. Now, I feel really helpless without the daily updates. But the constant nausea and fatigue are good signs. AND my social life just might make a comeback (as long as I'm home in time for the dreaded progesterone shot) So, not quite the crazy pre-IVF life, but somehow I feel somewhat normal again...except for the crazy shrinking pants!! Any other members of the "sisterhood of the shrinking pants" out there?


  1. i tell you that all of my pants seem to keep shrinking---but for me its just bloating!! ha or as my husband says i'm full of hot air....:) well at least your reason is an amazing one (or ones) hehe praying for you, hoping and believing God will see you thru the next 9 months or so :) soooo happy for you!

  2. Oh yes, I've gone from a size 4 to size 8 in under the past year. :(

    PS We have a cattle dog too!

  3. Well, I will admit in the last few months my pants have gone through a shrinking stage as well. But, my reason is a little different than yours. :) It seems to be the seefood diet that I have been on. However, thankfully Scott and I are making the necessary lifestyle changes to correct the shrinking pants and hopefully make them become ballooning pants!

    I can not tell you how happy and excited that I am for the both of you. This is so wonderful. And, yes, I can't hardly wait until it is our turn to get pregnant so that I too can become one of the members of the shirnkng pants sisterhood. :)

    Yeah! Your first ultrahound and your first look at the beautiful creation that is happening right there in your tummy. :) How aweome is that! Keep us posted and let us see what the little one(s) look like. I am sure that they are just gorgeous. Will you get to find out a definite number?

    Have a great weekend. Enjoy this new adventure that you are on. You have waited for it to come for so long and now the time is yours. :)

    Hugs and blessings,

  4. I hear you! I think us IVFers are at a weight disadvantage going into a pregnancy because of all those stim meds. My pants fit okay in the morning, but by afternoon I get so bloated it's uncomfortable.

    Enjoy your first ultrasound!

  5. Its been awhile since i visited you here and so, so, so HAPPY to read this AWESOME news! My pants are shrinking but i think its too much fertility drugs consumed in the past years, LOL! Again a BIG congrats my friend, GREAT GREAT news!


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