Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Come on little embies!

Embryo transfer on Sunday went well. Started out quite chaotic. My appointment was set for 11am. At 8:30 my phone rang and it was Dr. Patel’s office asking why we weren’t at our 8am appointment. WHAT?? I told her we live 40 minutes from the office, but that we’d leave right away. ARGH!!!! So DH and I jumped in the car while I chugged a liter and a half of water in record time during the white knuckled drive up there (knowing I HAD to have a full bladder for the transfer). Poor hubby was so stressed out. Strangely I was the calm one. We showed up at 9:15 and Nan the clinic manager apologized immediately. She forgot to call and tell us that our time had been changed to 8am because we were the only procedure for the day.
Dr. Patel didn’t do the transfer since he was sick, but he did stop in to make sure we were ok with Dr. Larson doing the procedure and also to discuss our embryos. Apparently we have normal to below normal embryo quality. They chose the 2 best for transfer and will place the others back in the incubator to see if they will survive to blastocyst stage. It looks pretty likely that we won’t have any viable to freeze. One valium later and a very cooperative bladder the transfer was finished. We have the ultrasound picture of the two little embryos posted on the fridge! We are just praying and hoping the two little transferred “embies” make it! The pregnancy test is on the 23rd. Thankfully we’ve been so busy that the BIG day will be here before we know it.
Oh, and our two favorite football teams won over the weekend. Hubby is a DIEHARD Eagles fan. I’m rooting for the Cardinals! My hometown Seahawks just didn’t have the gumption this year!


  1. They just keep making you rush to these appoinments. I'm glad you got there and that everything went well. Hope this cycle gives you a BFP!!

  2. Whew hew! I am so glad that everything went well for you. :) You and your hubby certainly deserve the blessings that these two little embryos will bring. We will pray that all goes according to plan and that on the 23rd you will get a huge BFP!!! Thanks for the great news and update, it has made my day.

    Hugs and blessings,
    Stacey :)


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