Friday, May 1, 2009

Your insurance saved you...WHAT??

Holy frijoles! I glanced at the refill prescription info as we picked up my Zofran last night from the pharmacy. That GENERIC "no barfiness" medication has my insurance co. paying $683 dollars per bottle. One bottle of 30 pills(I take them every 6 hours on the dot or the non-stop vomiting starts) lasts me 2 weeks. So basically my insurance will end up paying $10K for me to be barf free. This is the same insurance company that refuses to cover my $32.00 a month OB prescribed vitamins. The workings of insurance companies are very strange and obviously beyond my pea-brained intellect!! 

Last night, I just couldn’t stop thinking about all of the thousands of dollars my poor body and this little peanut have absorbed in medications since we started treatments back in the fall. The endless bottles of Repronex, Gonal-F pens, progesterone shots, trigger shots, etc. We women are so long suffering and patient when it comes to infertility and the treatment protocols. I know oftentimes we don't feel it, but can you imagine our significant others doing daily injections, popping pills, submitting to endless ghastly exams one after another, charting temps, keeping track of is a highly amusing and scary perspective, eh?

All of this in our deeply personal and quiet quest for that desperately desired child. All I can say is GIRL POWER! And by God's grace and the prayers and support of others, we make it through. Always a changed person when we emerge, but I think that I can honestly say that the infertility path that I've walked has shaped me into a much more empathetic, patient, understanding and more deeply grounded person. It's strange to look back and not remember what you were like on the other side of infertility, but I know that in the end we all emerge stronger and more resolved about the things that really matter in life.


  1. I am definitely a completely different person than I ever thought possible because of infertility. You're right, my empathy level is through the roof.

    And yes, I too notice the amount insurance covers on things and it is insane. One summer we were without insurance and paid out of pocket....CRAZY!

  2. I used to take zofran a lot and like you already know, even the generic is ridiculously expensive. When I would go to pick it up at the pharmacy they would feel bad telling me what I owed. Insurance companies??? They don't make much sense sometimes.

  3. It is so true...I think we are better people because of our infertility. I like the person I am now much better than I was two years ago. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. I remember during my first miscarriage when we were sat at the hospital and I was having blood taken I turned to my husband and said 'this is why WOMEN get pregnant - men couldn't deal with all the needles and pain'!! He hates blood tests...

    That's crazy about your insurance not covering your vitamins but covering your other, much more expensive pills! But I'm glad they do.


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