Monday, April 27, 2009


I don't know what everyone's beverage of choice is, but I simply LOVE coffee (the real honest to goodness caffeinated elixir of life!!). Growing up in Seattle probably had nothing to do with my adoration of all things coffee. However, since starting our IVF treatments last summer and then of course, now halfway thru the pregnancy (in my caffeine deprived state) I literally dream of coffee brewing, coffee beans, coffee ice cream, in short---everything coffee!! Each morning my espresso machine, coffee grinder and french press sit longingly on the kitchen counter hoping I'll brush the dust off and put them to good honest use at long last.

Sigh. I'm halfway there...only 4 1/2 months to go 'til I can savor a fine brew! (and no, not that kind of "brew"). Although, I did dream of sipping a Corona on a Mexican beach awhile back...gosh, deprivation is so mockingly cruel!!! :-)

So funny and so true.

I love this one!


  1. Thanks for the commment on my blog! I'm going to add you to my blog list. Congrats on the successful IVF!!! Hope you have a wonderful week;)

  2. Counting down to coffee, eh? That's funny! I'd be counting down to wine!

  3. LOL that is too funny. I love coffee and it is hard to stay away from. I give you credit for toughing it out. Once your little one comes you will need all the coffee you can get!

  4. I really comend you for going so long with out coffee, of course you're dreaming about it. I think that you're a better woman than I.


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