Thursday, March 12, 2009

odds and ends

1). The past few nights, I wake up at 3-4am terrified that I've overslept and missed carpool. Of course, going back to sleep never happens.

2). FINALLY I'm starting to feel human again. In fact, the other night I went positively wild and actually made homemade lasagna! Hubby was ecstatic!

3). Why does our health insurance not cover the vitamins my OB prescribed? I mean, come on, they shelled out some serious cash for IVF, but now they don't care about the next 6 months? Very strange.

4). I arrived home the other day to a carnage of chewed needles, bottles of repronex and progesterone scattered all over the living room. Bandit was bored and ransacked the supply of leftover (but unopened) fertility meds that we planned to donate back to the clinic for other patients. Thankfully the furry (but loveable) idiot wasn't hurt or even bleeding. How he got into the hall closet and selected the bag of meds, I have no idea. Even more puzzling, why in the world would a dog chew on needles?

5). Sciatic nerve stuff? Anyone know why/how it starts? HMMM...I've never had back problems before and now there is shooting pain and numbness in my lower back and leg. Next week will be my first EVER visit to a chiropractor so it should be an interesting experience!

6). Why don't I feel like responding to what seems like a gazillion phone calls, e-mails and facebook friends? I just want to find a quiet corner somewhere in this world and be left alone to sleep and ponder life. Am I a wannabe hermit lady?

7). 1/3 of my co-workers will be jobless as of the 31st. While I'm glad to still be employed, I feel just terrible for them. Our receptionist has been with the firm for 20 years. This economy sucks!

Ok. Enough of the random ramblings for now!


  1. Why do dogs do these things!? One of ours is forever trying to munch on strange things. He even found a box of staples once....I thought there was no way he could reach them where I put them but obviously I was wrong! Fortunately there was no damage done (how I don't know!) but they sure like to scare us don't they!!?

    Take care, N

  2. Wow insurance paid for IVf and won't drop for vitamins...weird. Thats insurance. Hey for your back do this, a trick my former chiropractor told me.....

    1. take a rather longish towel, lay it flat on the ground
    2. Fold each side in, towards each other leaving a space of approx. 1 inch in the middle. So you have towel folded in and a space length of the towel
    3.Roll towel up, secure each side with rubber bands
    4. You should feel space, a bit soft in middle of towel.
    5. Put towel under your lower back while lying down.
    6. Raise your legs, knees bent to your chest. Both, then one by one.
    7. Then stop raising legs just lie there. Then raise again off and on.
    6. It'll hurt like hell at first, but do it in 15 min intervals.

    ITS A MIRACLE CURE for your back!

  3. Sorry about the back pain. I definitely know how that feels. I hope they can fix it soon for you.


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