Sunday, March 8, 2009

Donuts and Dramamine!?

So, my 10 week with the new OB went well. I got to hear peanuts heartbeat @ 156 which he said is perfect. The funniest part of the whole visit was the poor nurse trying to calculate my progress/due date. Apparently she wasn't familiar with IVF (nor did she read the massive pages of fertility charts that our RE faxed over) anyway she was absolutely exam room was across the hall from the nurses station and I heard her asking several people what to do. She came in the exam room 3 times to ask me again, ok, when was your last cycle (when I replied Oct. I swear her eyes bugged out of her head) when was your retrieval, how far along are you, etc. She even showed up with the handy little circular chart to try and calculate my stats. Why she didn't go through my charts and find the last ultrasound and calculate from that, I have no idea.
The OB put me on dramamine and said I should hopefully lose the all day sickness at 12-13 weeks. I'm SO hopeful and just praying that the next couple of weeks go quickly. I miss good food and feeling well!
Oh, and to celebrate the success of my first OB appointment I indulged in some cinnamon donuts...OH my gosh...SO GOOD and little peanut didn't seem to mind!!!! :-0


  1. Hoping the sickies go away! MMM.... Donuts...

  2. Yay! Hoping you feel better soon!


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