Friday, June 5, 2009

Wild Thing...

I had my latest check-up yesterday and I can't believe how quickly time flies (six months next week)! I've gained 12 lbs from my first OB appointment, (I refuse to calculate the extra pounds accumulated during our treatments!!!). So far, the little stinker has refused to cooperate for ultrasounds...they scheduled a second one because she squirmed and hiccuped during the first and they couldn't get a clear view of her heart/stomach. Last night she kept punching and kicking every time the ultrasound tech would shake & prod to get her in position. The poor tech tried everything and finally gave up and got the 3d probe and did some fancy technological work to get a composite of the heart. We still have yet to see her face which is kind of disappointing because according to my dr. they probably won't schedule me for any additional ultrasounds.

I had a major anxiety moment while waiting in the exam room. I overheard my dr. in the hall telling a nurse that he saw some heart palpitations on the ultrasound. Of course me in my "calm pregnant state" assumed that he's discussing my results. Minutes keep ticking by and my dr. still hasn't appeared. I have no idea how long I sat there just waiting for him to come in and tell me that they found some abnormalities on the ultrasound (I have a friend who point blank during an ultrasound was told that her daughter had spina bifida---poor thing, her husband wasn't with her, they didn't give her any warning, just announced it!!!).
The nurse kept poking her head in and saying "he'll be right in" so I was really starting to think the worst. 30+ minutes later he calmly enters, announces that everything looks fine on the ultrasound, measures my stomach, asks how I'm feeling, do I have any questions, etc., and BOOM he's gone. Seriously, it must've been a 3 minute visit. YIKES. Sometimes I HATE myself for being a worrier!!!

I find it difficult to cross over from the land of infertility because you have the "BUT" syndrome. You know the clinic lingo and drill.
"Your hormones levels look good...BUT"
"The fertilization report came in...BUT"
"the transfer went well...BUT"

....BUT...BUT...BUT. It never ends!! Even when we had a BFP on the blood test..."BUT we need to wait for the 2nd blood test to confirm"...oh my gosh, it seemed endless. I keep reminding myself that the "BUT" days are behind us, but it definitely hit me again as I sat there last night waiting for the big fat "BUT" ultrasound results!!!!

So, thank goodness that everything is going well. And, this girl is a FEISTY little thing. Kicking and punching and rolling around---completely defiant of the poor ultrasound tech on 2 occasions! It's a bit daunting---how wild is this girl going to be when she's born? ;-)


  1. I'm so glad all looks well!!

  2. I'm glad everything went well, despite your "scare". I feel the same way too, I seem to keep waiting for something bad to happen. Don't want it to happen, but the "what-if's" and uncertainties certainly plague me.

  3. I'm glad all is going well with your sweet little feisty girl. She sounds fun! :)
    About the worrying, I do it also, No matter what I'm always thinking the worst and worrying until told differently then I move onto the next. Its because we are already mommies. We start worrying the minute we conceive and even before then.

  4. Yay! So glad it's going well!

  5. I'm glad it went well! Wow! 6 Months!

    I'm SOOO familiar with the BUT syndrome and am feeling it come on strong these days!


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