Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our little Strawberry!

Well, apparently the little embie now at 9 weeks has grown to the size of a strawberry and he/she is still vehemently protesting all of my food choices. I can't seem to keep much down and the heartburn/nausea has been wretchedly miserable. However, I'm persistently drinking chocolate milk and eating yogurt, which seem to be the only two food choices that help calm the stomach. Tums are helping a bit, but not much. So far, it's been nine weeks of sheer misery, but perhaps at my appointment next week I can beg for a prescription to ease the heartburn. I hate taking meds, but my poor hubby is suffering too! Plus the puppies haven't had a decent walk in over a week. Truly, it's all I can muster to get up at an ungodly hour to meet the carpoolers, drag myself through the workday and end the day by collapsing on the couch for the evening with the tv remote. Although in a sudden burst of energy, last night I half heartedly yanked a few weeds from the backyard and managed to vacuum up all of the nutshells that Bandit snitched off the buffet in the kitchen. Somehow the sneaky dog went wild and managed to nosh his way through a bowl of unshelled nuts scattering shells and junk ALL over the house. As soon as he heard the garage door announcing my arrival home he went and hid in the corner. Sigh, even my poor sweet dog is feeling the misery!!!!!! :-)

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  1. It's terrible feeling so miserable but it's for the best cause in the world! I hope in a few weeks that it gets better for you. Just try your best to stay hydrated even if you can't manage to get much food down. Take care!


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